Nikula is specialized in taxation. Our 30-year-long-experience is our trumps. We focus in corporate taxation but have straighten out many tax issues for individuals and estates.

Nikula have a 30-year-long-experience in tax laws. Comprehensive knowledge of taxation is our advantage. We focus on corporate tax matters but have dealt with tax cases of corporate-owners and individuals. Tax planning is an important part of wealth and finance.

Corporate Income Tax. Value Added Tax. Taxation on Dividends. Transfer Tax. Property Tax. Gift Tax. Inheritance Tax. Tax rectifications and Tax appeals.  You name it.

Tax fraud cases (drafting statements in connection with suspected tax frauds or corporate administration crimes, in audits and inspections, preparing defence in trials). 

”Anne is my sister. She is stubborn but justice-minded. Anne has been involved into many tax cases. In 2010, I received a surprising tax decision concerning profit related to selling my apartment. The tax authority regarded that the financing remunerations I had paid to the housing company were not deductible – because of the accounting system of the housing company. Anne took care of my case. The tax appeal to the Helsinki Administrative Court lead to the situation where I didn’t have pay any tax at all.  😊 Bravo Anne!”                       Arto Nikula, Kirkkonummi, Finland

(The Court decision in question has not been published in the taxation guide.)

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