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We offer legal services concerning real estates and homes. You can rely on us if you require advice related to contracts, tax planning and incorporation.

We offer legal services related to real estates and homes. An estate or a home is often a substantial part of one’s wealth. There are several contractual details and taxation questions involved. We take care of all documents related transfers of property, tax planning, incorporation of property, and structural changes in investment companies etc.   

Contracts concerning possession and joint ownership, cost-allocation and articles to real estate or housing companies are drafted by us according to your needs. 

All confrontations are dealt with discreet and we do our best to reach a friendly settlement in order to avoid a costly legal proceeding. We represent our Client’s best interests before the Court of Law if the case requires so. Several times the friendly settlement has been found in the beginning of the Court proceedings – and the Court of Law affirms the friendly settlement. 

We give advice in loan security arrangements too.

”We had bought a large house with a large garden. Accidentally, we found out that the area of the house was smaller than what the seller had told us. We wanted to have compensation for incorrect surface area. Anne took care of our case. The dispute was settled before the Helsinki District Court, and we got a proper compensation.”

                Leni ja Pertti Palander, Helsinki, Finland

”I had bought an apartment in an old building in the centre of Helsinki. One of the owners of the building wanted to redeem the shares entitling for possession of the apartment. The articles of the housing company included a possibility to redeem. Anne represented me. An error in the redemption process had incurred. The opposite party didn’t give up and the case was taken to the Court. Finally, the Court declared the decision according to which the apartment belonged to me.” Arto Nikula, Kirkkonummi, Finland   

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