Marriage & Divorce

Our wealth related services include matrimony property and spouses’ legal status. We draw up various marital contracts and deeds.

Advice concerning the matrimonial property and the standing of spouses constitutes a part of our wealth planning and contractual services.  Drafting of agreements concerning marital rights and obligations, advising various alternative ways of doing things, ending up the marriage, as well as tax consequences and tax planning related to the family and family-owned-business is what we can do for you.

We strive to help you to find a friendly settlement in a divorce. We draft all the required documents for you in order to help you to go on in your life. Corporate arrangements and redemption of shares etc. may precede the possible divorce. All actions are taken in your best interest and as agreed with you.  

The Clients of the bank were divorced several years ago but the division of property seemed to be difficult to handle.  The matrimonial property included an investment company and the other party wanted to get some shares out of the investment company.  Anne listened to the parties and carried out the deal in several stages and according to the wishes of her Clients. All tax consequences were taken into account in order to find an equal division.

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