Successions, Wills & Trusts

We offer tax planning services. Wills and testaments constitute a part of our service. We take into account your family, relationships, and wealth when we consider your best interests. We advise in international situations too.

It is worth to anticipate the succession situation. When the last will and testament has been written it is easy to carry out your last will. We help you with wealth planning, draw up the testament for you and – when doing this – we take into account the family situation, taxation etc.  We instruct you in international situations too.

When composing the deed of deceased’s estate we listen to the beneficiaries and take into consideration the last will and testament, as well as the tax consequences. We ensure that the tax decision is correct, and make appeal against it if needed.

The division of estate can be done in several ways. We can act for the beneficiaries if the parties can agree – or for just one beneficiary. Anne Nikula can also act as an executor appointed by the Court of Law. F

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