We provide legal support to our Client starting from the establishment of a company, in various business activities, and till the closing up the company.

Nikula have dealt with corporates for over 30 years. We provide support to our Client starting from the establishment of a company, in various business situations, all the way to the dissolution.  We participate in Corporate Governance issues and back up the Board of Directors in judicial issues.

Articles of the company, shareholders’ agreements, and contracts concerning cost-allocation and division of profit are drafted according to the needs of the Client. We take care of acquisitions and mergers. Our corporate services include also arrangements concerning generational changes in ownership and share option plans.

We offer advice and support related to accounting and audits. Tax advice, checking out the tax decisions, and tax appeals are our core business services. We represent our Client in tax fraud and white-collar crime proceedings before the Court.

Our corporate lifecycle service constitute various contract, claims and complaints, damages and dispute solving.

”I started contractual construction work without a lawyer. Soon I ended up into a situation where I didn’t have enough time to do everything. It was challenging to find a competent lawyer and a competent accountant. Anne has been taking care of the business deals and the financial administration for me. Things happen all the time but everything has been settled down when Anne has been involved. I strongly recommend Anne if you need a corporate lawyer and an adviser. I feel comfortable of contacting Anne, and it’s easy to talk with her – even though the case may be difficult.”  Mika Kautiainen, Pro Kivitalot Suomi Ltd, Helsinki, Finland rful Accent 3;

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