One way to avoid a long Court proceeding is to select Arbitration. The parties agree on Arbitration clause – what kind of Arbitration Court will settle the case.

The Arbitration is one way to avoid an open hearing before the Court. The parties agree on the Arbitration clause. There may be several arbitrators or just one arbitrator – just as it is agreed by the parties. The Arbitration Court makes an independent decision on the dispute.  

If you are looking for an independent and impartial Judge, Anne Nikula will be at your service if the parties ask her.  

Anne is given the judicial oath before the Court of Appeal in Helsinki in 1990. She is qualified as a Judge. Anne has played all roles in the Court: the Chair, the defence counsel, the representative for the claimant /the injured party. Anne’s strength is her education and training combined with the vast experience. She knows well the procedural rules, and substantial laws. She will judge the facts of the case and according to the Rule of Law and the legal principles adopted in the International Conventions. 

If you are not keen in arbitration, mediation is another way to avoid Court proceedings, and the mediator will try to reach a friendly settlement between the parties. Anne will act as a mediator if the parties of the dispute ask her to do so. The mediator will listen to the parties and their views, present the suggestions of a party to the other party, perhaps even consider the case and make a reasoned proposal for friendly settlement. 

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