General terms & conditions

These terms and condition apply to all services provided to clients by Nikula Legal Ltd (“NL” or “we”).

By giving an assignment to NL, the client accepts these terms and conditions.

In case of any discrepancies between these general terms and conditions and a contract between the client and NL, the latter will prevail. 

When working on a client assignment, NL respects and follows the ethical rules for lawyers, eg.  a duty of loyalty and a duty of confidentiality. Our duties are to our client only. 


NL focuses on legal advice, drafting documents and arbitration services. NL does not (at least not yet) represent a client in civil nor criminal proceedings before a court. NL deals with negotiations and takes case of drafting the documents. When needed we prepare proof and evidence to be used in  further proceedings. Only tax cases are such that we represent clients also in appeal procedures.  

When we have agreed on the scope of our services, Ms Anne Nikula (M.LL trained on the Bench and been granted an honorary title) will take the primary responsibility for the work performed.  

Our services are always tailored to a specific assignment based on the information, facts and instructions given to us. The advice we give must not be relied on in any other matter or used for any other purpose than what it was given, unless we separately agree otherwise in writing.  We do not carry any responsibility for any other case than the one NL has dealt with.  

 Fees and expenses

Our fees are based on the time spent, the qualifications and experience of the lawyer, and resources required, sometimes the amount involved, the risk assumed (if any), the urgency of the case, and  the results achieved.  

Upon request we will provide you with an estimate of our fees for an assignment. Estimates are based on information available to us at the time the estimate is given. Estimates are inaccurate.   During the performance, the client will always be aware of the amount of the fee and costs incurred.  We also willing to consider other fee arrangements.

When the client concludes an assignment with us, NL is entitled to take such action as deemed necessary or advisable to carry out the assignment, and charge the following costs:

  • reasonable out-of-pocket costs paid on behalf of the client, unless otherwise instructed. These out-of-pocket expenses are such as travel and accommodation costs, copies and postal costs incurred during the performance. The costs will be invoiced separately. 
  • An office cost worth of 2 % of the invoiced fee of the assignment.  

To engage other advisers and professionals will always be subject to the client’s prior approval.  

Invoicing and VAT

We are entitled to invoice our fees, office costs, and expenses on a monthly basis. Invoices will be addressed to and payable by the client, unless otherwise instructed. Payment of our invoice is due within 14 days from the date of the invoice. We will charge interest on any overdue amount from the due date until the date of payment at the delay interest rate 10 % per annum. We may also request a retainer to settle future invoices and invoice out-of-pocket expenses in advance. 

All fee are VAT 0 % in the year 2018. The fee for the services in Finland are subject to VAT 24 % after January 1, 2019.  

Services for foreign entities are exempt from VAT.  The costs incurred in Finland and paid by us include the local VAT. In some cases, we may have to provide information to the tax authorities on your VAT registration number and the value of your purchases. 


We usually communicate with our clients by email, and you should inform us if you prefer to use other means of communication in your case. We do not carry any responsibility whether the client has received the email. 

NL respects the ideology of Green Office and do not send paper versions or copies of documents produced or received by us, unless specifically requested. 

Legitimate incoming email messages may sometimes be blocked by our email security arrangements, and you should follow up important email messages by telephone. 

Conflicts of interest

We may be prevented from acting for a party if there is a conflict of interest in relation to another NL client. Before accepting your case we always conduct an internal conflict check to identify any current or potential conflicts of interest. NL requests the client to disclose all information that may be relevant for us to determine whether there is a conflict of interest.  Notwithstanding such checks, if such a conflict of interests situation has been arisen, we aim to treat our clients on equal terms.

 Identification of the client

In accordance with the money laundering and anti-terrorism rules we are obliged to identify our clients and their representatives and owners. In some cases, we also are obliged to request information about the origin of funds and other assets. All information we receive for these purposes will be retained by us. We are required by law to disclose suspicions of money laundering or terrorism financing to the authorities. 

Counsel from other jurisdiction and other advisors

If your case involves another lawyer or other advisor, or if another jurisdiction than Finland is in question and a law firm or an advisor from another jurisdiction is needed, the engagement of another law firm or advisor is always subject to your prior approval. 

We may at your request obtain fee quotes from and agree fee arrangements with other law firms and other advisors but we do not accept liability to pay for the fees or expenses charged by them.   

NL gives counselling only on the laws of Finland. We will not assume any liability for the work performed by another law firm or another advisor possibly engaged by us for your benefit. 

Upon request NL / Anne Nikula give a reasoned legal opinion about a specific case in the light of the general legal principles and the European Conventions even though the case concerns another jurisdiction.  


We will keep the client information confidential and protect the information provided to us in accordance with the ethical rules of lawyers and the law. 

Unless otherwise instructed, we are entitled to display the client’s name as our client and a brief  general description of the assignment as a reference. 

Termination of engagement

You may terminate our engagement at any time by a written notice to us. In some cases, we may be obliged or allowed to terminate our engagement with you. In all events, the client is obligated to pay our fees for services provided and expenses incurred prior and up to the termination of our engagement. 

We are also allowed to quit the assignment if you fail to pay our invoice when due or fail to pay an advance payment duly requested. 

Governing law

These terms and condition and our engagement shall be governed by Finnish law without regard to its principles and rules on conflict of laws. 

Dispute resolution

Any dispute, controversy or claim a raising out of these terms and conditions and our engagement, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, can be taken to the Helsinki District Court if no friendly settlement has been found within 30 days after the written notice of either party. 

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