The office of Nikula Legal is located in Helsinki, Finland. We are specialized on cases concerning taxation and wealth. Our strong know-how is based on the 35-year-long experience, education, and training. We believe in integrity and trust.

We have invested in multifarious know-how and are able to see cases from various stand points – in favour of our Client. Nikula deals also with cases where there is no written Rule of Law and the decision must be based on our Client’s story, evidence, reading and interpretation of the Law. We work closely with our Client. Our service is tailored according to the needs and goals of our Client. We give advice in a realistic way considering also financial points and taxation. 

We provide you a way to send us messages and documents requiring high confidentiality by encrypted email …. 


Corporate tax, VAT, Dividends and Capital gains, Transfer tax Individuals' income tax, Inheritance tax, Gift tax, ...


Corporate Law, Real estates & homes, Contracts, Arbitration ...

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